Cerages has been producing high fired stoneware oven to tableware since 1993. The Cerages factory, covering a total of 15.000 m2, is located in the Mortagua Industrial Park in Northern Portugal. Cerages can produce up to 30 tons/day, approximately 320.000 pieces/month, thanks to its modern machinery and constant improvement.

With a workforce of 150 people, Cerages exports its entire production to major clients which include supermarket chains, wholesalers and large retail companies worldwide.

Our stoneware pieces are designed specifically to meet the market demands for the countries we supply, focussing on:

  • Developing individual pieces and collections to meet the needs of our clients;
  • Respecting each and every market requirement in terms of design and usage of the various pieces;

True to its tradition as an export company, Cerages enjoys steady market growth by regularly expanding and modernizing its products, offering clients a number of solutions to meet their needs.