Our ceramic pieces are conceived and developed according to the current market trends.

They are designed specifically to meet the market demands, focusing on:

  • Developing individual pieces and collections to meet our customers needs;

  • Respecting each and every market requirements in terms of design and usage;

Cerages produces its own stoneware paste using Portuguese quality raw materials.

We are constantly developing the paste through new formulations and the search for more performing raw materials.

Our products meet the required standard worldwide specifications.

The variety of production systems available at Cerages - RAM presses, roller and high pressure casting machines - means that we can meet almost any challenge our clients hand us.


This gives us a good flexibility, both in production terms - sizes, shapes and colours - and in our ability to offer complete product ranges in ovenware and tableware.

Our quality standard reflects our commitment for constant innovation to ensure the company’s competitiveness in terms of quality, service and ever growing client satisfaction.