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The following collections are just a demonstration of the possibilities that can be made in our company. For every shape we have a range of colors to choose from.


Mykonos Antique Look

Mykonos Antique Look collection was inspired by meeting Greece at the table. With organic shapes and a color palette alluding to the sand and sea of the Greek beaches, perfect to be used indoors and outdoors.


The creation of this collection allowed us to capture the natural landscape of the Greek coast. Its rocky coastline combined with its landscape full of greenery, gave birth to Mykonos collection.



This collection features a special high-fire reactive glaze to create unique and stylish patterns. A stunning collection of high impact pieces with a unique reactive glaze to make your food look beautiful.

No two pieces will ever look the same.

Day by Day

Discover our ovenware Day by Day collection. The natural and perfect shapes of the pieces are enhanced by the reactive glazes, artistically glazed, creating a unique piece. Or if you prefere a more simple piece just choose a white color on the inside and a solid color on the outside.

cooking pans
Flat dishes


The Layers collection offers the perfect balance between contemporary style and durability. Layers represent the versatility of tableware that will stand up for everyday use.


Let's forget everything conventional and boring in the kitchen. With the Sumô collection, we present you an irreverent and impactful collection. The garish red on the inside stands out, giving its brightness and irreverence. On the outside there is a matt black with relief.



Colorful collection. Perfect for combining colors and making your table more cheerful. You can create an infinite number of combinations, some more suitable for everyday life, others more adventurous to receive friends.


Fusion collection consists of a beautiful combination of baking and serving essentials for any gathering, including a range of bakers, ramekins, mini casseroles.

A charming range of oven and tableware pieces, this collection is the perfect choice for every hostess.



Intense colors are the hallmarks of this collection. From solid blue to deep red through more neutral colors such as reactive cream and grey, they contrast perfectly with each other.

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